A 5-day courage accelerator for magic makers willing to ACTUALLY TAKE THE STEPS to finish the work, build the dream, + claim their freedom

(Ya know… all that stuff you’ve been thinking about but NOT doing on your road to Happily EPIC After.)

The fire starts Sunday, July 26th.








I hear your Soul Song calling, Sacred Rebel.

That burning desire deep down in your gut (no, it’s not indigestion) that says you are meant for something bigger, something greater, something… more.

→ Whether that something is to finally live free of others’ expectations and rules as you embrace + trust your most authentic self

→ Or that something is to launch your message, your passion, your purpose into the world.

And you’ve been sitting on that desire for too long already, haven’t you? Fear constantly overriding courage as your Soul Song smolders in the ashes of “I’m not ready” and “maybe someday”.

(Two lies keeping you from everything you’ve ever wanted and more.)

So what are we going to do about it?

Me? I’m gonna lend you my courage, pour on the accelerant called action, and show you how to f*cking rise from the ashes to claim your power and your freedom.

You? You just have to say yes.

(And then show up.)

In this 5-day courage-building challenge we’ll walk the coals together as you master:



Establish your destination + design your path to get there



Separate fact from fiction + then face your fear



Reprogram your fear response to serve rather than stall you



Discover the key to enduring the tension of transformation



Set your rules, claim your freedom, live your magic



Bask in the embers of your Fire with a dance party + awards!

This will be intense. You may even hate me for a few days. (Hopefully not forever.)

But I promise that on the other side of me holding your feet to the fire you will feel hope, you will see transformation, and you will walk away with the power to battle fear and come out the victor!!!

This ain’t yo mama’s promenade stroll. It’s a hand-at-your-heart, flames-licking-your-heels firewalk of power.

Here is how the magic is gonna go down:

→ Show up each day for new insights + instruction.

For those who choose into the live experience, we’ll be getting together each evening starting on Sunday, July 26th at 7pm MT (6pm PT/ 8pm CT/ 9pm ET). I know that’s late for some, but I’m hoping you can have your day taken care of by then ‘cuz the next 45 minutes need to be all about YOU, Phoenix-baby.

(If you choose the free option, you’ll receive the replay the following morning.)

→ Come ready to work.

Diamond-dropping instruction will last about 15-20 minutes (and YES — I am bringing my timer so I don’t go over!) and then we’re going straight into action mode — DO NOT pass go, DO NOT collect $200. Got it?

This is THE WHOLE REASON we are here, so don’t bow out early. This is your opportunity to borrow my courage, do the damn thing, and report back your wins! You can cry and shake your fists at me, but you will do what I ask you to.

(If you choose the free option, I recommend treating the replay as the live. Do the work while you watch the replay and don’t turn it off until you’re done.)

→ Call out your wins.

You know I love to celebrate! So each day I want you reporting your #wins and #breakthroughs in the Phoenix Fire Facebook group (link will be in your welcome email). What did you make happen? And what did you learn about you in the process? Nothing is too small to be celebrated!

→ Feel the fear. Puke glitter. Do it anyway. Repeat.

Because becoming who you are meant to be is worth all the intensity and tension that comes with it.

Two Ways to Play

FREE ($0)


✨  All the replays (Sun-Thurs + Bonus)

✨  All the companion worksheets for each day’s challenges

✨  Access to the Phoenix Fire Facebook Group for accountability + community support



✨  Live access to Deb each day for instruction, courage, and Q&A

✨  Live BONUS celebration day + dance party at the end of the challenge

✨  All the replays (Sun-Thurs + Bonus)

✨  All the companion worksheets for each day’s challenges

✨  Access to the Phoenix Fire Facebook Group for accountability + community support

✨  A chance to win the $50 giveaway + other prizes (What? Didn’t I mention there would be prizes? Muahahaha!)

✨  A specialized Phoenix Fire certificate of completion

You get the Legendary option for free. Use the coupon code posted inside our group.

Rebel, it’s time to let the world feel the magic of your flame.

Magic Awakener, Soul Seer, and Molotov cocktail in Hello Kitty packaging.​

Whether your sacred creation in this season is yourself, your creative work, or your leadership, I provide you with tools to remove the stories, rules, and expectations constricting your power and stealing your confidence.

My magic is in helping you to believe in yourself and your magic so strongly the world can’t help but believe in you too.

And my ability to reach beneath the surface and pinpoint the cause of your “stuckness” and pain is profound.

What I see, what I feel, and how I reflect that back to you in a way you can both understand and shift — recalling your power from those in your past — has provided insane results + incredible breakthroughs for both myself and my clients.

I am a ridiculously powerful mirror of your Truths.

And as someone who has spent the last 30+ years navigating trauma, the past 8 helping creatives claim their power, and the last 6 exploring mind-blowing, life-changing elements of the intuitive world, I understand the unique fears, doubts, challenges, and resistance magic makers experience when we choose to set our True Self free — especially when we’re afraid this real self is too ugly for the world to see.

I get it. I really, really do.

But I CAN’T let you back down. I can’t let you play small. I can’t let you believe for another nano-second that staying where it feels safe is serving your highest call.

You are the one. The right one. The beautifully imperfect one who’s been called to change the world.

I believe in you.

Loves & hugs,


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